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The following documentation is to explain how to create subscriptions and data subscriptions for reporting services using the SQL server reporting services MS build tasks.

To be able to create subscriptions for reports the following prerequisites have to be met:

  • The data source for the reports have to store their credentials within the report server.
  • The data source for data subscriptions also have to have their credentials stored within reports.

To create a subscription/data subscription within MS build item groups need to be configured with the following meta data listed below:

  • SubscriptionDescription: single string describing the subscription.
  • ReportScheduleName:  the shared reporting schedule name that the subscription will use
  • DeliveryMethod: Needs to be set as file or email.
  • SubscriptionReportParamters:  A semi-colon list of [report parameter name] = [report parameter value]
  • SubscriptionSettings: A semi-colon list of [subscription setting name] = [subscription setting value]
  • SubscriptionReports: A semi-colon list of the full report server path of the reports for this subscription.

Data subscriptions need of extra following meta data to be set:

  • QueryText: the query for the subscription data
  • QueryFields: A semi-colon list of fields that the query will create
  • SubscriptionShareConnection: full report server path to the shared data source
  • SubscriptioSettingsFieldReferences: A semi-colon list of [subscription setting name] = [Field reference]
  • SubscriptionReportsFieldReferences: A semi-colon list of [report parameter name] =  [Field reference]


Below is a list of the settings for each subscription delivery type:

  • Email
    • TO
    • CC
    • BCC
    • ReplyTo
    • IncludeReport
    • RenderFormat
    • Priority
    • Subject
    • Comment
    • IncludeLink
    • SendEmailToUserAlias
  • FileShare
    • PATH
    • USERNAME - found to be required
    • PASSWORD - found to be required

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